Name: Executive
Price: 25.00

Executive Donation


Executive is the second donation rank on the server and costs $25.00.
Executive gets the following perks:

• /hat - Wear a block or item on your head!
• /echest - Access your ender chest.
• /setwarp - DO NOT set warps for others!
+ All commands and perks from VIP!

Spawner Types:
Chicken, Cow, Sheep
NOTE: DO NOT change spawners for others.

Exclusive Kits:
Executive - Can be used once every week and a half.
x1 Iron Helmet (Protection I)
x1 Iron Chestplate
x1 Iron Leggings
x1 Iron Boots (Protection I)
x12 Apples
x1 Iron Sword (Sharpness I)
x1 Iron Pickaxe
x1 Golden Apple
x32 EXP Bottles
SpawnerExecutive - Can be used once every month and a half.
x1 Spawner

*One time only:
Receive $7,000 in-game money.
NOTE: You will not receive money if you upgrade from a lower rank.