Name: VIP
Price: 15.00

VIP Donation


VIP is the first donation rank on the server and costs $15.00
VIP gets the following perks:

• /fly - Allows you to fly around the world!
• /feed - Replenishes your saturation.
• /ss change - Changes a spawner type. (See available mobs below.)
• /es - Edit an existing sign by shifting and right-clicking.

Ability To Break Spawners With Silk Touch!

Spawner Types:
Bat, Pig, SIlverfish
NOTE: DO NOT change spawners for others.

Exclusive Kits:
VIP - Can be used once every week.
x1 Iron Helmet
x1 Iron Chestplate
x1 Iron Leggings
x1 Iron Boots
x8 Apples
x1 Iron Sword
x1 Iron Pickaxe
x16 EXP Bottles
SpawnerVIP - Can be used once every month and a half.
x1 Spawner